These are my words, my observations, my ideas.

Most of the articles focus on the intersection between videogames, biblical thoughts, and my own experiences in life. Occasionally, I may touch on other topics of interest too.

My writings have been published by Love Thy Nerd, Geeks Under Grace, and Theology Gaming.

Interactive Media » PlayStation 4

Three Angry Fathers — God of War

The Heart of the Issue — Persona 5

Hearing Footsteps Above — Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst

Of Body and Soul — The Talos Principle + Soma

Times for Change — Life Is Strange

This Body of Mine — This War of Mine + The Sims

Kingdom Unity — Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor

Safe Travels! — Far Cry 4

The Shrewd Ranger — Road Not Taken

Interactive Media » PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita

No Tear Separates Us — Tearaway

The Two-Fold Miracle — Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Living with a Spirit — Beyond: Two Souls

All for Nothing — The Last of Us

Interactive Media » Trophy Hunting

Lessons of the Hunt — Trophy Hunting: 100-Platinum Milestone

Trial of the Hunt — Trophy Hunting: Overcoming Failure

Special Topics

Against All Odds — NBA Betting

Thru Fantastical Hoops — NBA Fantasy

A Deeper Home — Bible Study Group

Finding Joy in Death — Departures (Film)

Breaking English — IELTS

End of a Long Count — Mayan Apocalypse