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Intertain: Chapter 18

After a lengthy hiatus, Intertain finds some much-needed progress through a major reboot of the ministry at a distinguished location.

Intertain: Spotlight 02

A mystery of a lifetime is hidden within Twelve Minutes. Can we unravel the truth, or are we destined to be trapped in a time loop?

Intertain: Chapter 17

Home is a special place worth sharing and worth defending. Ultimately, let us look forward to our permanent home with God.

Intertain: Chapter 16

Our gaming fellowship has been graced by light: a powerful force that enables vision, exposes evil, and gives hope to multitudes.

Intertain: Chapter 15

Games are meant to be shared with friends. Through playing together, we celebrate friendships and all that they bring to our lives.

Intertain: Chapter 14

We start life as children; and children also represent our future. Let us then remember their value and invest in their growth.

Intertain: Chapter 13

In gaming and in life, we are drawn to power. Grasping the nature of true power and its purpose sets us apart from becoming tyrants.

Intertain: Chapter 12

It isn’t easy to survive in this world, but it helps given the chance to meet up and encourage one another with games and truth.

Intertain: Chapter 11

In great hunger, man simply needs to eat food, discuss food, play games linked to food, and examine Bible verses about food.