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Three Angry Fathers

This personal article compares the rage of Kratos in God of War, my dad’s violent temper, and the wrath of the heavenly Father.

The Heart of the Issue

In gaming where problems are usually solved by taking aim at heads, Persona 5 redirects our attention to the changing of hearts.

Hearing Footsteps Above

I spent a lot of time running atop buildings in Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst. Imagine my surprise when I noticed activity on my own roof…

Of Body and Soul

The Talos Principle and Soma are games that discuss paths toward humanity’s legacy, probing into the mysteries of body and soul.

Times for Change

Life Is Strange deals with the applications and limitations of time travel: what it can achieve, but also what it cannot ever change.

This Body of Mine

Humans spend a great deal of time eating and sleeping. This War of Mine encourages me to appreciate these vital activities.

Kingdom Unity

The Uruks in Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor may appear as tough foes, yet their divisive nature is what makes them easy targets.

Safe Travels!

Ubisoft is known for building formulaic worlds. Add to that ample handholding, Far Cry 4 becomes quite the innocuous affair.

The Shrewd Ranger

Need some advice on how to handle your resources in a fulfilling way? Check out how the ranger manages in Road Not Taken.