Intertain: Chapter 18

After a lengthy hiatus, Intertain finds some much-needed progress through a major reboot of the ministry at a distinguished location.

The Eternal Anthem

As we near the apocalypse, allow me to unveil a tuneful declaration of eternal hope against this world’s engulfing darkness.

Intertain: Spotlight 02

A mystery of a lifetime is hidden within Twelve Minutes. Can we unravel the truth, or are we destined to be trapped in a time loop?

For King and Empire

The pride of kings compels them to expand their nation into an empire. In modern times, they manifest as leaders of globalisation.

Intertain: Chapter 17

Home is a special place worth sharing and worth defending. Ultimately, let us look forward to our permanent home with God.

For King and Country

People expect kings and governments to serve, not realising that adding to their power tends to create more problems than solutions.

Intertain: Chapter 16

Our gaming fellowship has been graced by light: a powerful force that enables vision, exposes evil, and gives hope to multitudes.

Experts and Gatekeepers

Not all experts point people in the right way, and not all gatekeepers offer fair passage. What hope is there left for the lost?

Intertain: Chapter 15

Games are meant to be shared with friends. Through playing together, we celebrate friendships and all that they bring to our lives.