Hearing Footsteps Above

The inspiration for this tune rose out of my reflections on Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst, drawing comparison between the rooftops on which Runners operate to the unseen dimensions of our reality. Expanding on this notion, Hearing Footsteps Above is a call to look beyond ourselves, to widen our perspectives and recognise the struggles that permeate spiritual realms — metaphysical planes perceived only through Faith (this also being the name of the in-game protagonist).

The music of the Mirror’s Edge games has offered me solace over the years. This isn’t a genre familiar to me, but I have felt compelled to echo its electronic vibes, to craft something that sounds attached to that world. This effort also marks the first original composition I have completed in over a decade. Relief, thankfulness, and satisfaction accompany me as I realise that I can still make music, even venturing into a new style, while working with new software programs.

Of course, I have had great help in the process. The crew at Crash Symphony Productions deserve much credit for their professionalism — Stewart, Bobo, James, and perhaps most importantly: Adam, the Hungarian electronic artist who played a key role in bringing the song to life. He, too, happens to be a fan of Mirror’s Edge and digs the musical influence.

Additionally, I must thank Esther for lending her sweet, pristine voice to the project. She used to lead music at The Chapel Sydney, but has since moved out of town. I shall cherish the short time we spent working and hanging out together.

At last, I proclaim praise and glory to God Most High who sits on his heavenly throne above, offering the gift of Faith for all truth seekers, giving us strength to run the race until the edge of time.

Hearing Footsteps Above

No fear of heights
Running free, so alive
Just open your eyes
Look beyond the sky

Hear every step we take with ears of Faith

Upon the soles of our feet
You’ll find no dust from the streets
As we follow glistening highways
Into realms out of sight

Hear every step we take with ears of Faith
Let every heart rejoice with each new day

I run and jump
I break into the dead of night
I dash and slide
I race until the edge of time

Credits — Hearing Footsteps Above.