A Deeper Home

For a long time I have been an awkward dweller of my house. A key factor would be that I don’t own the place. Even if my parents seldom reside in Sydney, I am surrounded by much of their material clutter. My domestic authority is, of course, limited; I cannot simply reorganise items at will, nor dare to throw out stuff that is — in full sense of the word — useless.

I am often conscious of the resulting territorial ambiguity. The mind strains under spatial tensions, more so than the body. And the uneasy fact that I should have moved out years ago upon scoring myself a wife has only heightened the agitation. My extended residence serves as a constant reminder that I haven’t yet managed to build a complete home.

In light of my shortcomings, God has offered grace and shown me a higher path. He bestowed upon us the privilege of hosting a weekly small group for our friends from EFCOS. Through giving in this capacity, we have uncovered a state of belonging unfettered by the chains of space and time.

Welcome home.

It is ever special when folks gather in the name of Jesus. We come together to pray, study the Bible, share stories, have fun, and celebrate how God has been working in our lives. The honesty that thrives in such occasions opens my eyes to a common struggle: all of us are awkward dwellers of this world — which, at best, is nothing more than a transient shelter for our brief earthly stay.

Thankfully, by congregating around eternal truths, our fellowship transforms into a cosy sanctuary. The hearth established in the presence of God allows us to take refuge from the vicissitudes of life.

This has had a profound impact on me. The discomfort with my physical environment fades as I find rest in the intangible space, just as impatience with my stifled growth and productivity comes to a halt when realising that I could abide in the everlasting without delay.

My home is truly here; my home is invariably now.

The kingdom of God is at hand, manifesting among a humble group of ordinary people who rock up at a house not of mine every Thursday. All I gotta do is to make myself at home.