Neon Tragedies


So this girl, Fetch — betrayed by her parents, feared by the people; deceived by the underworld, hunted by the state. Her life had become a litany of tragedies since the day when she was found out to be a conduit.

The neon energy within Fetch may be strong, yet for one who was young and vulnerable, it was hardly a blessing. Even as she learned to control new abilities, her powers offered no protection from a spiteful and manipulative society.

Inevitably, she was left with no choice but to get out of town, in search of a new beginning.

Sadly, the plan never took off. There was simply no escaping a world obsessed with extraordinary powers. And that was when Fetch became desperate.

Fetch battled against the oppressors with the prowess of a queen, but in reality, she was no greater than a pawn. And the more she struggled, the tighter she was crushed, until the agony had grown into a madness that consumed her very soul.

In our own admiration for power, fame, or fortune, we could take note of Fetch’s tale and be wary of the unwanted attention that often comes attached with these things.

From this understanding, we may yet find contentment in the ordinary.

Written and Edited by Ayk Iano

Narrated by May Chien

Captured on the PlayStation 4

♪ “Alibi” — Infamous: Second Son OST