Intertain: Chapter 10

Having the right perspective enables us to overcome obstacles, connect with others, and even gain insight into the unseen.

The Heart of the Issue

In gaming where problems are usually solved by taking aim at heads, Persona 5 redirects our attention to the changing of hearts.

Intertain: Spotlight 01

An emotional tour of the old family house in What Remains of Edith Finch initiates a new, single-game format for the Intertain ministry.

A Boy and His Music Box

Musical creativity began for me upon realising that my PC plays numerous instruments. Lend us an ear if you enjoy old-school MIDI sounds.

Intertain: Chapter 09

Death has always plagued humanity, within videogames and without. Let us face it with hope and advanced evasion techniques!

Where Flesh Meets Steel

With idealistic folly, the people in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided strive for an impossible unity between dichotomous aspirations.

Intertain: Chapter 08

As a medium of world-building, videogames often add to our appreciation of the known universe and its magnificent Creator.

Hearing Footsteps Above

I spent a lot of time running atop buildings in Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst. Imagine my surprise when I noticed activity on my own roof…

Intertain: Chapter 07

The road to destiny is highly demanding if not, at times, elusive. Let us put our heads together to better fathom this crucial discovery.