Intertain: Chapter 13

In gaming and in life, we are drawn to power. Grasping the nature of true power and its purpose sets us apart from becoming tyrants.

Three Angry Fathers

This personal article compares the rage of Kratos in God of War, my dad’s violent temper, and the wrath of the heavenly Father.

Intertain: Chapter 12

It isn’t easy to survive in this world, but it helps given the chance to meet up and encourage one another with games and truth.

Triumvirate Zero

Behold, my first studio release, a true debut. And it only took me a couple of decades to get these songs ready. Better late than never!

Intertain: Chapter 11

In great hunger, man simply needs to eat food, discuss food, play games linked to food, and examine Bible verses about food.

Against All Odds

Through a wild journey of betting on NBA matches, I eventually came to appreciate life’s certainties over odds and probabilities.

Intertain: Chapter 10

Having the right perspective enables us to overcome obstacles, connect with others, and even gain insight into the unseen.

The Heart of the Issue

In gaming where problems are usually solved by taking aim at heads, Persona 5 redirects our attention to the changing of hearts.

Intertain: Spotlight 01

An emotional tour of the old family house in What Remains of Edith Finch initiates a new, single-game format for the Intertain ministry.