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Intertain: Chapter 12

It isn’t easy to survive in this world, but it helps given the chance to meet up and encourage one another with games and truth.

Intertain: Chapter 11

We were very hungry, so we ate food, discussed food, played games linked to food, and read Bible verses regarding food.

Intertain: Chapter 10

Having the right perspective enables us to overcome obstacles, connect with others, and even gain insight into the unseen.

Intertain: Spotlight 01

An emotional tour of the old family house in What Remains of Edith Finch initiated a new, single-game format for the Intertain ministry.

Intertain: Chapter 09

Death has always plagued humanity, within videogames and without. Let us face it with hope and advanced evasion techniques!

Intertain: Chapter 08

As a medium of world-building, videogames aided us on a night of appreciation for our universe and its magnificent Creator.

Intertain: Chapter 07

The road to destiny is highly demanding if not, at times, elusive. We put our heads together in order to better fathom this crucial discovery.

Intertain: Chapter 06

Going through changes in and around us, it is important to recognise the anchor that we need in times of uncertainty and chaos.

Intertain: Chapter 05

Couples are getting married this time of year, so we played lovely games and pondered on how it is to start life with a soulmate.

Intertain: Chapter 04

Plenty of things seek to ensnare us in our lives, so it was great to meet up and mull over how we might grasp hold of true freedom.

Intertain: Chapter 03

War inspires action, and action makes for exhilarant games. Are we satisfied with that? Or is there opportunity for more?

Intertain: Chapter 02

We explored our identity as Homo sapiens in the context of God’s creation, redemption, and the kingdom beyond earthly realms.